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Sometimes the most obvious things to be concerned about are the things we think of the least. One of these things that can’t be taken for granted is making sure that your RV is equipped with the proper equipment to handle accidental fires, as well as taking steps to reduce the risk of fire emergencies from occurring, or how to handle them if they do occur. Here are some tips on fire safety in your RV, to make sure your family is safe in the rare instance that something happens.

First and foremost, it is important to know where the campground you are staying in is located! Make sure to know the address and area that you are staying in. Also be sure to know emergency numbers in the area you are staying in. Also, certain campgrounds do not have full cell phone service. Make sure to know where there is a landline you would be able to use in case of an emergency.

You should be sure to install at least one fire alarm near the sleeping quarters of your RV, as well as a carbon monoxide monitor. It would also be wise for your family to plan escape routes out of the RV. Another important thing is to install a propane leak alarm as close to the floor as possible, as propane is very flammable and the gas pools together in pockets near the ground.

Your RV should be equipped with a fire extinguisher. Make sure to check the pressure needle to identify whether the extinguisher is charged or not. The fire extinguisher should be installed in a visible place close to a door.

Finally, you should always remember that you should save lives first and property second! If the fire is too large to be contained, save your life, not the life of your RV! Property is replaceable.

Remembering these things while RVing will make sure your family and RV will stay safe and greatly reduce the chance of an emergency, so you can have fun on your camping trip!

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